Bolt Ons

Bolt Ons available

  • Additional pages - £25.00 per page
  • Additional email addresses - £60.00 per address
  • Additional media gallery (photo or video) - £25.00 per gallery
  • Upgrade current site to content managed site (Wordpress) - £549.00

* All prices listed are inclusive of VAT

If you find that you have additional requirements to those listed in our packages then we will be happy to discuss them with you and provide you with a quote.

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We can create the website you need to help your business move to the next level.

Start up Package £749

This package is great for start up businesses, small businesses, community groups or charities who want to have a presence on the web and show a bit more information about what they do or the products and services they have on offer.

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Premium Package £1345

This Premium package is great for the more established small to medium sized business that doesn't currently have a website or wants to replace an existing website to create a fresher, more professional feel for their business.

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Premium Plus Package £2199

The Premium Plus package is ideal for established medium to large businesses. It has the scope to cover all of your needs and allows you to display and promote a wide range of information on your business.

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